Turbo Golf Racing

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  • Genres: Racing, Sports
  • Platform: Xbox Series S, PC
  • Start: 08/05/2022
  • End: N/A
  • Rating: 8/10

Have you ever wanted to play 18-holes by driving your cart and swinging your club like a polo match? Well, this is similar.

Turbo Golf Racing is a game where you drive a car down a race-track while trying to get your ball into the hole at the end of the course. Each “track” is a golf hole, complete with sand traps and rough.

A dune buggy like car with a plow

The game plays very much like Rocket League - except you do not need to worry about teammates. You cannot bump into the other players in your race, and you cannot interact with each other’s balls. You can, however, use items against each other. The game currently has two items like this: a rocket and a shield. The shield protects you from the rocket, and the rocket will knock you around for a few seconds, halting your momentum. There is a third item, a fuel tank, that refills your boost completely. The game is currently in Early Access, so we can only eagerly await more items for us to use.

There are quite a few courses already, ranging from very short (a par three) and quite long (a par 5). Overall this game has the core mechanics down, now it just needs to expand.

Here is a GIF of me getting first place on a hole:

Scoring a goal in Turbo Golf Racing