The Mortuary Assistant

· 271 words · 2 minute read
  • Genres: Horror, Puzzle, Simulation
  • Platform: PC
  • Start: 08/20/2022
  • End: N/A
  • Rating: 8/10

Can puzzles be scary? Yes, yes they can.

You play as Rebecca, a mortician currently taking her two-week review in her new position. You nail the exam up until the final portions, when suddenly your mentor says he will take over and that you can go home. You think it is a weird request, but you accept and you go.

You get a call around midnight from your employer. They say that three bodies came in tonight and they need someone to cover night shift work. You agree to come in and help.

When you arrive, someone locks the door behind you. You get a call at the desk and it is your employer. He explains to you that there is a demon in one of the bodies and that you need to find out which demon is in which corpse. You do not believe him, thinking this must be hazing for the new girl.

Until you open his cabinet.

The operation room

The operation room

The story unfolds over multiple play-throughs, with different demons having a chance to appear. The game keeps track of how many shifts you have completed and what their outcomes are. There are a total of five unique endings for you to experience.

The scares in this game are good the first few times around, but you learn to know what to expect. The audio is great, and I do recommend headphones for this experience. If you are squeamish you might look away at a few of the operations - but you get used to it quick.