Tetris Effects Connected

· 183 words · 1 minute read
  • Genres: Puzzle, Music, Experience
  • Platform: PC
  • Start: 2022-2-09
  • End:
  • Rating: 9/10

This is the premier Tetris experience. The Journey mode for single player is a work of art. Before you begin I highly suggest a pair of headphones and a dim lighting.

The sound design in this game is amazing. It is just sheer brilliance how well the music interacts with you as the player - just moving the pieces adds notes, quick placing the blocks adds other notes. The music picks up and calms down at the proper moments. The soundtrack really gets your head into the game, so to speak.

The backgrounds are pure psychedelica and perfect for when you are too laser-focued on the tetrominos.

All of the old Tetris gameplay is here, with the bonus of a stack mode. Once you get enough lines you can freeze the tetrominos in place and try to fill as many lines as you can - larger line counts mean larger bonuses. Not only is this a fun mechanic, but it can really save your bacon when the pace starts to pick up.