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  • Genres: Adventure
  • Platform: PC
  • Start: 2022-07-19
  • End: 2022-07-23
  • Rating: 9/10

Being separated from the pack can be stressful for anybody, but especially a cat living in the wild.

Being separated from the entire world can be stressful for anybody, but especially for a race of sentient robots living in a sealed city.

Stray is an excellent take on a lot of adventure game concepts: platform and solve puzzles to progress the story. Stray takes these enjoyable mechanics and gives the player a lot of time to play with them. The vertical cities are perfect for a cat to jump around in (they are based off of the walled city, after all). The animations for any of the actions are fantastic, adding to the feeling that you are truly a kitty cat right now.

From the meow button to the interactable carpets and sofas the developers of this game really paid attention to detail. With the plethora of secrets and easter eggs in this game a curious cat will have an adventure ahead of them.

It is hard to write this review without many spoilers, so I will stop here. Play this game.

Play. This. Game.