Far: Changing Tides

· 231 words · 2 minute read
  • Genres: Adventure, Puzzle, Platformer
  • Platform: Xbox Series S
  • Start: 07/04/2022
  • End: 07/04/2022
  • Rating: 7.5/10

Far is a game that is about the journey rather than minute details of gameplay. Far has puzzles, there is platforming, but the core of the game is just being along for the ride.

You start your journey as a disheveled looking boy. The boy moves to the right, as one does, encountering simplistic puzzles designed to teach you the mechanics of the game - blue means interactable. You can jump, swim, dive, climb - the platforming goodies.

The main attraction of the game is the vehicle the player finds. You use this as your means of travel while the game delivers challenges related to trying to keep the vehicle moving. Its a boat, of sorts, that can also dive. The game gives you options of forward movement - sail or engine. The sail obviously works when you are above water but the engine works whenever you want.

The game moves the player between environments - on land, at sea, and underwater. The puzzles will require you to transition between these. In doing this you the game presents you with some truly awe inspiring sights.

The art is fantastic, and the game executes the feeling of isolation well. The ending was satisfying. Taking about 4-5 hours I can recommend this game to anybody on a lazy Sunday.