Cult of the Lamb

· 309 words · 2 minute read
  • Genres: Rogue-Like, City Management, Action
  • Platform: PC
  • Start: 08/11/2022
  • End: N/A
  • Rating: 7.5/10

You were the last of your kind, the last believer. The last one that looked like you. The last one that thought like you. They found you. They killed you.

You on your way to be sacrificed

You on your way to be sacrificed

But something on the other side made you an offer - you can go back if you start a cult in their name. Do you do it? What do you say? Do you say “yes” or do you say “absolutely”?

You are sent back with a grand entrance. You immediately slay the heretics who tried to end you, desecrating their remains as a message to others who may try to stop you. You escape. You find a prisoner, you convert them. You make camp.

Fatigued, but not downtrodden, you bring your new follower under your arm. You give them a personal sermon – enlightening them. Their praise of you further stokes your crusading fire. You march back out into the world to find more non-believers. You slay them, taking their bones for use in your rituals.

You continue, unconcerned with your behavior. You free more wretches, prisoners, outcasts. Bringing them to your camp you preach and commune.

Dinner at the cult camp

Dinner at the cult camp

Satiated and full of energy, you command your followers to get to work.

You go out to slay more non-believers.

The core gameplay loop of this game is great. I focused on “farming” for my cult over all else and I feel like that gave me a distinct advantage where I did not have to often worry about their wellbeing.

The combat felt a little generic, but there was enough uniqueness to make it enjoyable.

Overall this is a fun ride, and the juxtaposition of the cute animals with the dark themes is great the entire time.