Autumn Roundup

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Where Was I πŸ”—

Yes – I was silent for a bit there. If you have been reading my other blog you will know that I had a very stressful end-of-summer-and-into-autumn at work. This caused a flood of stress into my personal life and knocked a lot of things off course. One of those things was my consumption and enjoyment of media.

That being said I am finally getting my mojo back. So here is a brief roundup of what I have been playing these past few months! I won’t say much on these particular items, but you can expect long-form items like my review for The Longing being the norm going forward.

Games πŸ”—

Pokemon Violet πŸ”—

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Rating: 5/10

I am sure you have heard about the performance issues in this game, and I can assure you that as of December 2022 they are still there. The game has so much potential yet it seems like Gamefreak just skipped optimization at all. It really makes one wonder why they would do this when Pokemon makes them so much money – just hire the help you need!

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town πŸ”—

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Rating: ?/10

I love this game. When I was a child I poured hours into the GameBoy Advance version of this. With this being a remake of that game I watched as I suprised myself by remembering where some things were on the map – it had been so many years.

I do not give it a rating yet because I am not finished (Autumn Year 1) but with what I know about the GBA version this game should be fun.

Dwarf Fortress (Steam Edition) πŸ”—

Platform: PC

Rating: 9/10

After 20 years the classic finally gets one of its largest updates….graphics! This fortress management rogue-like is amazing. I am extremely interested in just how deep the simulation goes.

Strike the earth!

Resident Evil: Village - Shadows of Rose DLC πŸ”—

Platform: PS5

Rating: 7.5/10

This DLC was great! It was about half the length of the main storyline. Following Rose and seeing what happened to other protagonists was fun. The lore fill-in was great. I am semi-cruious about replaying the main story in the new third-person mode.